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"Why would I get a Mortgage website and GIVE AWAY websites to Realtors that send me business?" 

Consider This
75% of Realtors don't have their own website.
Most use a yahoo or hotmail e-mail address
They fax or telephone listings to clients.
They refer loans to whoever "bends" their ear for business that month.
Don't have consistent credit score and loan support system.
Realtors are asked every day who they know for mortgages and 85% of clients go with the realtors recommendation
When clients ask for a loan referral, it takes 48 hours from client inquiry till lender gets application.


  • They hate being bothered with the internet
  • Check email every few days
  • Don't want to deal with updating listings
  • Wished they had a staff that could handle all the needs their clients bring to them to deal with.
  • Wants to help raise client's credit score so no one walks
  • Wants innovative & creative finance center to make sure they don't lose a deal

Clients are on the go and want instant answers to their needs.
They want to see whats out there with a click of a button.  They want to ask a question and get an answer instantly, 24 hours a day.
That applies to getting a loan and getting help with their credit and finances.

More and more clients are using the internet and realtors are behind this type of media, losing ground fast.
If you gave them a path of "least resistance" by setting them up with a website that takes the workload off thier shoulders and make sales easier they will use it exclusively.







   Bridge the process for consistent lending!

Tie the power of the Internet and Realtors together!

Give your Realtors and their Clients:
  • Intstant access to listings, reference data, credit score help and financing choices
  • Approval process cut in half and instant turnaround.
  • Better communication between Client, Realtor and you! 
Realtors Win while you get consistent business!
Realtors need to concentrate on finding and negotiating property for clients.
You can provide them with an all encompassing website that they will feel secure their clients will be informed, helped and prepared for the real estate process and make their job easier. 
"If you build it, they will come."   Do the math, if realtors need it and their customers need it and YOU put it out there, they will use it. If they use it everyone will be applying for pre approvals or refinances on YOUR application.
The Results? Your own
"Realtor Partnership Program"

While YOU get a full service mortgage website that will get leads for your business right away, it will get you clients wanting realtors. You can give these "leads" as an incentive to sign up for your partnership program and watch your network grow.
The Power of Synergy: an example.
You have your mortgage site set up for search engine optimization under Mortgages IL AND you have 5 realtor sites under you, each of THEIR websites optimized for the areas they cover, lets say Chicago City, Cook, Boone, Lake and Chicago Suburbs.
Thats six sites, optimized for real estate and mortgages and ALL loan applications from these top producers are coming to YOU!

 Features and Benefits
Interactive tools 
clients use that
inform them and gets them through the process quicker and feeling more in control! 

With every Mortgage website you get 5 sub sites to set up for your top realtors, appraisers,etc.
Your Mortgage Site includes:
  • Resouce Center including 65 tutorials on common topics clients want info on.
  • 17 Financial Calculators
  • Dynamic rate sheet that all your realtors sites display
  • Search engine optimized site for mortgage business in your area.
  • Secured application which all your sub sites use so all applications come to you first.
  • Lead and marketing manager
  • Credit score support (raise  scores to qualify in days)
  • Email marketing programs with 10 templates (market loan producst to all the clietns that visit your site and the realtors in your group).

Realtor sites include the above plus:

  • Built in WYSIWYG Editor
  • Real Estate Lead Manager
  • Real Estate Contact Management
  • Advanced eMail Marketing System
  • 110 Page .Doc Manual
  • Search Engine optimised for each realtor's coverage area
  • Website File Manager
  • Real Estate Calendar / Planner
  • Free Website Updates

What would you pay to have 5 top producing realtors sending you consistent loan business all year long? Contact us and see how affordable it is.