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Client Support for Real Estate and Other

Welcome to the Realty Web Designers Client Support Web Site.  This self contained site contains account information for our Real Estate Website customers as well as real-time support and project activity logs for our other non real estate related clients.  You can monitor your project's progress, ask questions, submit changes as well as receive product and project documentation in .doc, .pdf, or .html format.

Each Realty Web Designers 'Project File' includes:

  • A Documentation Library
  • Project News Flashes (via email)
  • Access to Tracker Updates (real-time project progess and info)
  • In-Progress Request/Suggestion Forms
  • Contact Information Forms
  • Ongoing Screenshots
  • Project forums (this feature allows employee collaberation during development)
  • SMS/Pager updates*

Before you can use this site, you must first meet certain criteria:

  • Be currently engaged in a project with Realty Web Designers
  • Receive an ID and Password (issued 48 hours after project has begun)
Peer To Peer, Employee Training and Third Party Support

Realty Web Designers also offers Peer to Peer and Third Party support:

  • Support your clients seemlessly via our Third Party support system.  We can offer your clients hardware, software and web support at an affordable cost.
  • Help guide and train your employees in the fields of hardware, software, custom software and web application administration, deployment and general usage.
  • Provide your company with a forum for constructive customer feedback.  This forum is moderated, updated and supported by our team of qualified experts.
  • Provide SMS, paging,phone, IMS and web based support for off-site employees and cilents.
Customer Support
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This area is for existing clients only. A message will be sent instantly to support personal Mon-Sun.

Please use this area only for critical issues! For standard changes or support, please use the HELP CENTER of your website. The general rule of thumb is that if you can log into your site, use the HELP CENTER of your website.